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Titanium Nitride Nanopowder

Titanium Nitride Nanopowder
This product is produced by using plasma arc vapor synthesis method.
  TiN Nanopowder
Appearance Black powder
Purity 97+%
Oxygen content   < 1%
Crystallographic Form FCC
Average particle size <20nm
Specific surface area >80m2/g
Apparent density 0.08g/cm3
True Density 5.22 g/cm3
Morphology Sphere


1.Titanium Nitirde nanopowder can be used as Grain refinement agent for Metals.

Grain refinement is one of the most effective methods to improve the intensity of metals. The method of strengthening metal-alloy-matrix material by adding nano ceramics means spreading powders of nano ceramics to alloy evenly to accelerate the nucleation of alloy and meanwhile restrict the growth of grain and expansion of microcracks in order to refine the grain and improve intensity of product. For example, by adding powders of silicon carbide nanopowder, silicon nitride nanopowder, titanium nitride nanoparticle and silicon nanoparticle to metal matrix (aluminium, copper, silver, steel and ferroalloy), we can make the new-type metal material of light weight, high intensity and excellent heat resistance.
NaBond's Titanium nitride nanopowder has high rigidity and thermal stability, small granularity and good dispersibility. During the cooling and crystallization of molten steel, titanium nitride nanopowder becomes crystal nucleus, which largely adds to the amount of nucleus, decreases the size of grain, refines alloy grain and greatly improves the comprehensive performance of alloy.

2. Titanium Nitride nanopowder for Engineering plastic & nano grain compound material
  It is an effective method to improve the tenacity and intensity of engineering plastic by adding nanoparticles. As long as nanoparticles is well combined with resin matrix, it can also stand tensile stress and reinforcing effect is very obvious.
  Small amount of Titanium Nitride nanopowder can serve as a nucleating agent when applied to modified thermoplastic engineering plastic. By dispersing Titanium Nitride nanopowder to glycol and PET engineering plastic by polymerization, we can accelerate the crystallization rate of PET engineering plastic to make simple modeling and enlarge the scope of application. Large amount of Titanium Nitride nanoparticles in PET can largely improve the abrasion resistance and impact-resistance of PET engineering plastic.

Anti-ultraviolet additive: Already be used succesfully in PET for water bottle. Advantages: improving the reheat properties of the composites; Improving the color of the composites through reduced yellowness; improving the UV-Blocking properties.

3. Strengthen additive: Already be used succesfully in steel to improve the mechanical properties of steel.

4. Titanium nitride nanopowder used for Electric conductive materials
Titanium nitride nanoparticles has excellent electric conductivity. By adding Titanium nitride nanopowder to alumina-Al2O3 matrix, we can effectively lower down its resistivity. With the increasing amount of Titanium nitride nanoparticles, resistivity of compound material gradually decreases; when the volume content of Titanium nitride nanopowders exceeds 20%, the resistivity of compound material tends to be stable at 5.5*10ˉ3Ω˙cm.

5. Coating Material
  The application of nano materials to coating can improve the abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidative stability. A large amount of researches have proved that the application of silicon carbide nanopowders, Zirconium carbide nanoparticles, Titanium carbide nanopowders, Titanium nitride nanoparticles, Boron carbide nanopowders to the compound coating of metal can give super abrasion resistance and self-lubrication. Its abrasion resistance is 100 times higher than bearing steel, friction coefficient being 0.06~0.1, and meanwhile it is also equipped with high-temperature stability and abrasion resistance. The application of nano technology to the key parts of engineer of liquid rocket can largely lengthen the service life of these parts.




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